Who you are | The McNamara Design client who chooses this option has a piece of furniture that they want to use in their home but the finish isn't working. This client wants an oldie to look like a new piece of furniture again! 

What we do | Hear the clients design ideas, provide color samples, then we get painting, reupholstering, or refinishing

What's needed | McNamara Design requires photographs and dimensions of each clients piece of furniture via email

What you get |  Once the design, colors, and finish are complete you will have a totally unique and custom piece of furniture created using paint and/or stain. 


Clients have the option to drop off their furniture but the drop off MUST be scheduled. If a client chooses to drop off their own piece they are responsible for bringing that piece into the studio work room. McNamara Design works with an insured delivery company that will pick up and drop off your piece of furniture for a fee averaging $100. Please contact McNamara Design for any questions or quotes.