Who you are | The McNamara Design client who chooses this option wants to create a unique space by adding an accent, mural, or logo to any wall, floor, or ceiling space

What we do | Hear the client's design ideas, provide a sample and design plan, then we get to work.

•Ceiling, Floor, and Wall Design

•Conceptual Design

•Custom Decorative Artwork

•Stencil Designs




•Metallic Finishes

•Faux Malachite

•Faux Linen



•Gold or Silver Leaf

•Hammered Metal


•Washed Stripe

•Wood Graining/Faux Bois

•Striae Quartz Stone

•White Wash

What's needed |  In your home, McNamara Design requires photos of the space, as well as any inspiration photos. We will then set up a consultation.

What you get | Once the design, colors, and finish are complete you will have a totally unique and custom space in your home created using one or many painting techniques.